Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Hardcore, Psycho, Nitro Survey In A Can!

What up. This blog knows that not all (okay, both) of you are on MySpace, which means that you don't get subjected to about 3 extra surveys a week.

This blog will occasionally partake in one of those, but Pun City figured it'd be cooler to create its own survey, instead of taking the surveys "the man" wants Pun City to take.

So here it is, feel free to jump in on the comments with your answers. Bonus points to anyone that can identify what the title's referencing:

Repost this with your answers! This survey peers deep into your soul!

1. If you were a club sandwich, how much guff would you take from two punk mail packages?

Absolutely none. Club sandwiches have proven themselves as postal experts.

2.If you were a shrimp sensation at Applebee’s, would you be sautéed, crisp fried, or fire grilled?

Personally, sautéed. Butter is awesome.

3.Who is your favorite Fantana?

Probably Sophia

4. Are you familiar with the 1-3-5 rule? If so, share a story of it being violated.

Definitely. This blog recalls in high school a math teacher was in the 2, which was probably the worst place to go, since no one else was there. Pun City went to the 5, and shortly thereafter someone else came in, and they were forced to use the 3, really a mess.

5. Whose country is this?

This is ouuuuuurrrrr country!

6. Is your love of lobster about to be indulged in more ways than you can imagine? If so, how many ways is that going to take?

Pun City doesn’t foresee this happening. That would take at least 7 ways though.

7. Can you hear me now?

Yeah, but how about in the bottom of that well?

8. What about the Red Sox?

You paint an interesting question. Obnoxious fans.

9. Which Brewers pitcher needs to be more consistent?

I don’t know, all of them?

10. Which Brewers pitcher needs to be more consistent RIGHT NOW?

Steve Woodard

11. Are you gellin’? If so, how so?

No, especially not feloniously.

12. How often do you force the vastness of your cell phone’s network into conversation?

Never, that type of jag move seems reserved for sadistic Cingular pitchmen.

13. Where’s the beef?

Far from the tofu section at Sentry.

14. What is your favorite third-world country?

Trinidad and Tobago

15. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?


16. Did you have a color in mind?


17. Which banner does Marquette REALLY want to raise to the rafters of the Bradley Center?

Pepsi Blue and Gold Classic.

18. Would you purchase a product that was advertised as “Initially Good”? If so, what type of product?

Yes, something like A & W root beer or RC Cola

19. Which event had more historical implications for you: Chili’s Margarita Madness 2007 or The 2007 Women’s NIT?

This blog's gotta go with Chili’s Margarita Madness 2k7 on this one. The traffic jams were at least half a car deep.

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