Tuesday, July 31, 2007

High-Stepping Pizzas: You've Come To The Right Place

Pun City is back and feeling much more "above the weather" today. And at 102 degrees Farenheit, per the Walgreen's thermometer in Grafton, that's saying a lot. Let's get it started with some links.

First is a site the Marketing Sensei recommended, break.com. A lot of great videos there, this blog was a fan of this particular link:


Pun City also stumbled across this growing site, which has a fairly comprehensive selection of commercials:


Now, on to some ridiculousness. This blog often gets visitors coming from weird searches. Among these searches are such unique and varied phrases as "Pun City" (#1 out of 2 million, baby!); "commercial Ronnie Lott boy howdy" (#4 of 30,000+); and "webcamzz.com" (depends on the engine, usually top 5 of maybe 20).

Well, Pun City checks this out (Pun City is pretty self-aware for a website), and it thinks it's cool to have some poor bastards coming in here, not knowing what to expect. But this blog thought it would like to be the champ of all kinds of searches. Random searches, pointless searches, confounding and useless searches. For instance, this blog wants to be known as your source for the following:

High-stepping pizzas. This blog wants people to come here and find out relevant facts about high-stepping pizzas. People wearing pizza costumes aren't often seen high-stepping, but this blog thinks we need more of that. Pizzas, for the most part being inanimate, don't get up and high-step on their own. This blog found out that high-stepping while carrying a pizza isn't too challenging, but is way fun.

Deion Sanders, who made his name playing a couple sports and high-stepping after interceptions, also had a famous commercial where he pitched Pizza Hut with Jerry Jones. That most likely was the greatest moment for high-stepping pizzas, for this blog's money. (With the possible exception of when this blog high-stepped down its hall with a pizza last week, that was a great moment just in general world history though, so Pun City isn't sure if it qualifies).

This blog has three goals now:

Goal 1 - Find some picture of a pizza high stepping.

How about we get this guy to high-step?
This guy seems like a little bit of a pizza poser, but if this blog got him to high-step, that might tip him over to full high-stepping pizza status.
This dude's a complete idiot, no one needs to see that high-stepping.
While not a pizza, Pun City will advocate seeing this girl high-step. Or pretty much do anything, for that matter.

Goal 2 - Become the leading source for "high-stepping pizzas" on a major search engine.

There's only like 697 competitors out there, none of which have provided the type of high-stepping pizza coverage Pun City has here. The amount of high-stepping pizza coverage here puts all other websites to shame.

Goal 3 - Earn the top mark.

Pun City won't be content to just break the top 10 of "high-stepping pizza" searches. This blog's goal is to blow through the number 1 spot and have Google consider adding a number zero spot because of the dominance Pun City will eventually hold over all other high-stepping pizza "destinations."

While other seemingly inane and offbeat search keywords were considered, this blog sought out high-stepping pizzas, because Pun City sees the potential there. Pun City knows that high-stepping pizzas are one of the biggest issues facing Americans today. Pun City believes that YouTube Debate questioners should be asking Mike Gravel what he is going to do to promote the use of high-stepping pizzas in the plains, then asking Duncan Hunter how he plans to stop the scourge of high-stepping pizzas in our forests. (The correct answer to both questions, of course: Appizzament).

So now you know another tenet this blog stands for, and you can go out and spread the word to all of your friends that are seeking more information on high-stepping pizzas.

And if you get the chance, click on Pun City's link after searching for high-stepping pizzas.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Your search - "high-stepping pizzas" - did not match any documents." Ouch. well, maybe Google doesn't recognize Pun City's high-stepping pizza skills yet

9:27 PM  
Blogger GoBrewersGo said...

The Wahlgreen's thermometer is probably not the most accurate reading...besides, that "yucky Walgreen's" should be boycotted (in all forms) for supplanting Burger King.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Cooler Brian said...

1. Man, Google needs to get their act together, they should know where it's at by now.

2. I'm guessing Walgreen's has a pretty awesomely accurate thermometer, I mean, it had to be 102 then. I have not set foot in that place yet and don't plan to though.

9:00 PM  

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