Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A LAX Effort

Alright, this blog is copping out a little tonight due to a long late tennis match and an upcoming trip. Did someone say upcoming trip? Whoa, wouldn't everyone like to know the proposed itinerary of said trip? Yes? Awesome!

Thursday - Flying to Los Angeles via Memphis. Because Memphis is on the way to LA from Milwaukee, right? Anyway, getting into LA around 5:00 and driving to Friend #1's place. Hopefully some In-N-Out or Jack In The Box that night.

Friday - For most of the day, need to entertain Pun City's self. This blog ideally would like to get to Loyola Marymount, USC, UCLA, and Cal State-Northridge. The impetus is on this blog to finish as many schools as possible by around 5:00 since Pun City and friends are going to the Angels-Twins game that night at 7:00 and would like to get there early to check out Angels Stadium.

Saturday - Pun City starts the day with Friend #1, but Friend #1 then has a wedding that afternoon/evening to get to. It would be cool to get to UC-Irvine and Cal State-Fullerton at some point on Saturday. For the afternoon/evening, the plan is to get to Friend #2's place and then head to Dave & Buster's. This blog's never been, but it sounds pretty fun. Staying the night at Friend #2's.

Sunday - Open day. Could go to San Diego, also maybe Malibu, or just chill in LA and get to a mall or something. Any schools this blog hasn't cleaned up already would be a nice addition here. Or if this blog is in San Diego or Malibu, getting to the University of San Diego, San Diego State, and Pepperdine would be cool. Long Beach State would be a nice spot to visit at some point, although...

Monday - Getting to the home of the Dirtbags would be a good pickup here. Not flying out until 12:15, so this blog doesn't think it'd be too much to ask, especially considering Long Beach isn't ridiculously far from LAX. Flying through Minneapolis this time, a little closer to a direct flight as compared to the Milwaukee-Memphis-LA flight.

That's all this blog's got for now, gotta get some rest before another big showdown/throwdown tomorrow night.

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