Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pun City: The Mash-Up!

This blog doesn't have a specific topic tonight, so Pun City is just going to be a bunch of odds and ends.

First off, reiterating this from the Update on the last post.


Secondly, a bonus link that this blog thought was pretty good, primarily if you like Mike Tyson's Punchout or any of quite a few old school Nintendo games:


Pun City has just completed the 27th of 28 regular seasons within Tecmo Super Bowl. All teams except for the Cowboys (and the Cardinals' playoffs) have been played. Here are some updated stats:

-Easily the best team is the 49ers. Current regular season record stands at 339-93-0.

-Best team in the AFC is the Bills. Regular season record is 308-124-0.

-Pun City playing with any team is a better option though, Current regular season record stands at 404-28-0.

-Worst team in the game: New England Patriots, 111-319-2.

-Worst team in the NFC: Atlanta Falcons 136-295-1.

One could make a case that the "worst" labels are misnomers or skewed at best. Each of those two teams are in the same division as their conference's best teams. Having to play in those divisions where you face a tough schedule every year helps contribute to the bad record. (Or...the 49ers and Bills have inflated records because they have cream puffs like the Patriots and Falcons on their schedules twice a year?...Hmmm).

-A somewhat interesting phenomenon with the ties in this game. A significant amount of correlation exists between how bad a team is with how many ties they have. There have been 18 ties in the 27 seasons. Only 3 of those ties included a team that has the best (or 2nd-best) overall record within its division. Twelve of the ties included a team that has either the worst or 2nd-worst record in the division. The other 3 included teams with the 3rd-worst record in the division, and neither of these involved teams was in a 4-team division (meaning that 3rd-worst was also not 2nd-best).

-Tony Eason and Tom Tupa are the only backup QBs that have not played yet. All other backup QBs were either pressed into service due to a starter's injury or were just used because this blog knew they'd work better than the starter. (Or Pun City just got sick of the starter blowing throws/games and figured any change is good).

-The game will not injure any Tight Ends unless a human is using them. Even then, it's really tough. Eric Green and Keith Jackson were the only TEs to get hurt, and those are 2 of the better TEs in the game.

-This blog has a strong suspicion that a team's best player tends to get hurt when a human is in control of them at a much higher rate than if the human were not controlling them. This blog is going to wait until after all seasons have been played to make a definite analysis, but that's the hypothesis Pun City is going with.

Pun City saw a cool show last Friday at Senor Java's. Check out Gabe Krebs live if you get a chance. Krebs's next show is an open mic 7/13 at the same venue in Saukville (7:00 maybe? Senor Java has a MySpace page if you want specifics).

In conclusion, this blog is happy that Paris Hilton was freed earlier this week. Hopefully she can get back in the studio and crank out some more hott tracks. Pun City will snatch them up if they get made.

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