Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pun City's Tecmo Run: 26 for 28 Titles (Darn Colts and Cardinals)

Pun City just finished its 28th season of Tecmo Super Bowl, taking a turn with each team in the game. Lots of results to report, some interesting, some not. We here at Pun City aren't too keen on the whole "editing" fad, so you get to enjoy the Writer's Cut of the information. Away we go...
  • Overall Record: 420-28-0 (.938) in the regular season, 81-2-0 (.976) in the playoffs, for a total of 501-30-0 (.944) overall.
  • 26 Super Bowl titles, the Colts lost to the 49ers in the Super Bowl, the Cardinals lost to the 49ers in the NFC Title Game.
  • The tie for the most injuries went to John Stephens and David Meggett with 23 each. Stephens, however, was injured a total of 168 quarters (42 games) as compared to Meggett's 140 quarters (35 games).
  • Total injuries in the game for 28 seasons: 1152, for a total of 7665 quarters (1916.25 games)
  • If injuries were completely random and split evenly amongst all teams in the game, the expected amount of injuries this site's teams would have suffered would be 42 for 274 quarters.
  • Pun City would say that the game's internal computer is a jackass though, and as a result this blog's players suffered 112 injuries for 735 quarters.
  • This blog believes this occured for a few reasons. One of the ways the game tries to "even out" the human advantage is to injure key players when humans like this blog win too often or by too wide of a margin.
  • This blog's style of play also probably contributes to the higher incidence of injuries. Pun City will go to the bench without an injury or stay with a hot bench player after the original starter has returned. For this reason (among others), 13 players suffered their only injury while Pun City was controlling them. Within those 13, there were 3 players that suffered their only two injuries while under Pun City's leadership.

Single-Season Records set by Pun City:

  • Carries: Johnny Johnson, 211
  • Rushing Yards: Thurman Thomas, 1989
  • Yards Per Carry (min 80 carries): Thurman Thomas, 13.4
  • Rushing TDs: Johnny Johnson and Marion Butts, 39
  • Yards Per Catch (min 16 catches): Mark Carrier, 54.6
  • Receiving TDs: Sterling Sharpe, 33
  • Kick Return Average (min 16 returns): Dwight Stone, 29.9
  • Kick Return TDs: Dwight Stone, 9
  • Punt Returns: Kendal Smith, 31
  • Punt Return Yards: Kendal Smith, 380
  • Punt Return Average (min 10 returns): Vai Sikahema, 19.5
  • Punt Return TD: Mel Gray, Craig Heyward, Tony Martin, 1
  • Onside Kick Return TDs: Cleveland Gary, 3
  • Points: Marion Butts, 306

Single-Season Records set by the Computer:

  • Receptions: Jerry Rice, 78
  • Kick Returns: Sammy Martin, 90
  • Kick Return Yardage: Gaston Green, 1720
  • Receiving Yards: Jerry Rice, 2117
  • Yards From Scrimmage: Thurman Thomas, 2639
  • All-Purpose Yards: David Meggett, 3207

There's some more analysis to be done actually, this blog hasn't summed totals yet so this blog could have a lot more posts where this came from. In the meantime, another Tecmo project is underway: this blog is attempting to have every team finish 8-8 in the next season by attempting to win every game (only 8 times per team). Hopefully that goes well, through 8 Week 1 games it has been a success. Only 448 to go.



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Your 8-8 project is just what the NFL is looking for! Maybe they will hire you as a consultant in their efforts to eventually have every team 8-8.

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