Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Armchair Quarterback Stats - Tecmo Super Bowl

Last week's post worked pretty well, not too much notable information from the 8-8 season yet (this blog lost a game to the Bears when playing with the Bucccaneers, so it will need to play with the Buccaneers again during the rematch, that's been the only hiccup), so this blog is going to draw up some more Super Tecmo nuggets it discovered while playing a season with each team. This week, statistics on the Quarterbacks:

-Easily the most oft-injured quarterback was Randall Cunningham (QB Eagles), who had 9 injuries and was out a total of 70 quarters. A distant second and third were Don Majkowski with 6 injuries and 46 quarters, and Billy Joe Tolliver with 5 injuries and 49 quarters.

-The only backup quarterback to get injured was Marc Wilson. This was probably because he was the only backup QB to play the whole season. This blog didn't want to suffer through any Steve Grogan games. Grogan, while infinitely better in real life, was somehow worse than his backup Wilson on Super Tecmo Bowl.

-3 QBs returned onside kicks for TDs. Rodney Peete did it when Pun City was controlling him, and Randall Cunningham and Steve Walsh did it for the computer.

Records Set By Pun City:
  • Completions: Dave Krieg, 175
  • Touchdown Passes: Jim Everett and Wade Wilson, 61
  • Fewest Interceptions: John Elway, 1 in 150 attempts
  • Average Yds. Per Attempt: Warren Moon, 24.2
  • Completion Percentage: Jim Kelly, 86.7%
  • QB Rating: Jim Kelly, 292.7
  • Rushing Attempts: Randall Cunningham, 134
  • Rushing Yards: Randall Cunningham, 1603
  • Yards per carry (min 80 carries): Randall Cunningham, 11.9
  • Rushing TDs: Randall Cunningham, 31
  • Points: Randall Cunningham, 186
Records Set By The Computer:
  • Passing Attempts: Don Majkowski, 281
  • Most Interceptions: Don Majkowski and Bernie Kosar, 32
  • Passing Yards: Warren Moon, 4542
  • Fumble Recovery TD: Dan Marino, 1
  • Combined Yards: Warren Moon, 4813

Next time this blog revisits Tecmo Super Bowl, there will likely be a look at the defensive side of the ball. Kickers and Punters might be up as well. For the time being, enjoy this awesomely pun-tastic commercial:


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