Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Live Long as Props Purr.

This blog is a little busy this evening so it is posting a subpar blog. Suitable posts to come will be on the UWM, Marquette, and Wisconsin basketball student sections; as well as another "pass analysis" on UWM's recent contest vs. Youngstown State at home. (This blog wasn't going to save that one, but it's 15 days until their next home game, so it works out that this site uses the spacing).

What this blog does have, living up to its name, are some bad puns.

The following conversation is sort of an actual conversation this blog had while swabbing the deck with another actual deck swabber, after this blog had been given "mad props." (Which happens all the time on the ship). This blog hadn't yet made a pun, and its co-worker was looking for one:

Fellow Deck Swabber: I thought you'd come up with something funny.

Pun City: So you're saying that answer was prop plain?

Fellow Deck Swabber: I don't understand that.

Pun City: A prop plane is a variety of aircraft

Fellow Deck Swabber: Oh.

Pun City: Was that ina-prop-riate?

Fellow Deck Swabber: Oh, getting better.

Pun City: I don't know how long I can prop this up.

Fellow Deck Swabber: Keep going.

Pun City: Prop-ably for a few more I suppose.

Pun City: Anything over 10 would be prop-lematic.

Fellow Deck Swabber: And....

Pun City: If the author of "The Raven" was reading this conversation, that would be Ap-prop-Poe.

Fellow Deck Swabber: Now build on that.

Pun City: Poe folks don't usually protect their intellectual prop-erty.

Fellow Deck Swabber: Oh, that was superb. You can stop now.

Pun City: Phew, as long as I have permission from the prop-prietor of this conversation.

Fellow Deck Swabber: Ah, a bonus.

Pun City: I thought it only proper.

Fellow Deck Swabber: I'm going to lunch now.

This blog thanks the fellow deck swabber for sacrificing in the name of modest humor. All proceeds generated from this post will be split between Pun City and the fellow swabber.

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Blogger GoBrewersGo said...

X-treme props! I'll contribute 25 cents for the entertainment provided in that post. Figure out how to split it with the fellow deck swabber.

Badgers: State Champz once again.

2:29 AM  

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