Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Edgewood Doesn't Ruin Black Panther Party

Pun City got to check out the UW-Milwaukee vs. Edgewood College basketball game at Milwaukee. UWM took care of business, 77-53 this time. Edgewood was a division lower than UW-Parkside, who gave UWM more than they could handle.
This blog thought UWM looked better than the first game (obviously it would have been hard not to). Expectations should not be very high for this team, however. The offense has yet to be run smoothly. Fortunately, the team was able to penetrate within the structure of the offense last night, as opposed to their first game where a number of possessions were disorganized and poor examples of the Swing offense.

Freshman Ricky Franklin was very solid, both running the offense as a point guard and scoring from beyond the arc. Marcus Skinner followed up a very good opening game with a less-than-spectacular 2nd outing, fouling out and scoring 2 points.

The Panthers will not be bottom-dwellers, but are very unlikely to win their 3rd Horizon League tournament title in a row. The inexperience of this team seems like it will prevent them from finishing above 4th in the conference. They are fortunate to have a head coach as qualified as Rob Jeter to lead them through this season, where they should improve with each game and hopefully sneak up on some teams late in the year.

Most likely a low seed in the Horizon League tournament that will outperform their seed.

Here's a picture for all those UWM fans though:


Blogger Marketing Sensei said...

I'm kind of nervous to see my alumni basketball team's season. They all have spirt and youth but that doesn't really make up for height and experience.

It's kind of ironic of how Marquette now accepted the challenge...

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