Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Super Tecmo Still Represents

Some administration before Pun City gets to the meat of this post:

1. A variety of conspirators prevented this blog from putting up a reasonable Sunday post. Laundry, long IM conversations, only one early game, and an uncompetitive showing by the Kournikovas made for a pretty dull post, and this blog didn't want to subject its 3 readers to that. (This blog means, you put up with enough already).

2. Anyone know what that thing is called that is sort of like a Magna Doodle, but it's not as "high-tech" and it just has a clear sheet to erase the scribbles instead of a magnetic bar? This blog is trying to find that out to put it on a Christmas list.

Nextly, a highly important subject. NFL Players that appeared in Tecmo Super Bowl and are still active.

This blog noticed that Morten Andersen and John Carney squared off on Monday Night Football this week. Andersen was with the Saints back in the 1991 classic, and has come out of retirement to kick for the Falcons this year.

Carney was with the Chargers back in 1991, and now he's alive and kicking with the Saints.

Jeff Feagles was punting with the Eagles back in '91, and now he's with the Giants, where he makes a good amount of money just picking the right number.

Jeff George, though arguably not really in the NFL, was with the Colts back in '91. He was with the Raiders in training camp, and is sort of on stand-by as he's waiting to get picked up.

Stunningly, that's it. As you can see, Tecmo Super Bowlers are a retiring breed.

So root for them, yo.


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