Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pun City Presents The Slop Ten

This blog sincerely apologizes, but it's in no condition to post tonight.

This site's top 10 weak excuses are:

10. Because of the Labor Day holiday, it feels like a Monday, so this blog really doesn't have to post until tomorrow!

9. This blog's Fantasy Football draft is tomorrow, so last-minute preparation takes precedence.

8. Did not play tennis earlier this evening, as is this blog's normal Tuesday custom. This blog normally requires the tennis to get creative juices flowing, and basketball wasn't cutting it.

7. Worn out from long day of dealing with unruly fantasy league owners in ridiculous and somehow heated "Determine draft order today vs. Let Computer Randomize it Tomorrow" debate.

6. Phonograph took a 19-day hiatus, why can't Pun City?

5. Pun City has no wife to fill in for it.

4. Having a difficult time recovering from being accused of having a trunkful of candles at work today. (A virtually baseless rumor that had apparently persisted for over 1 year).

3. Want to make the new fast food review of Rally's really awesome.

2. Distracted by ESPN Classic's "Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame Peyton Manning for Not Winning the Big Game."

1. Had to pay bills, an endeavor which must take at least 5 hours according to the creator of this site.

So yes, this blog will be back on Thursday or Friday with a full-scale review of Rally's.


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