Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tecmo Super Bowl: The Greatest Video Game In History

This blog decided it'd be cool to report on its recently completed Tecmo Super Bowl season. As is this site's custom, Pun City played every single game in the season. It chose the team it preferred for each.

Some notable statistics from the season:

Dan Marino's 59 touchdown passes.

Sterling Sharpe's 2346 receiving yards (on only 59 catches for 35 TDs).

Barry Sanders's 2104 rushing yards.

Christian Okoye's 258 points on 43 total TDs. (This blog isn't a big Raiders fan, so Tecmo Bo wasn't used much).

Lawrence Taylor's 101 sacks.

LT and Derrick Thomas tie for the league lead with 15 safeties. Thomas ties Michael Cofer for the league league in blocked extra points with 6; and Taylor and Thomas share the lead in blocked field goals with 4 each.

The 49ers won the Super Bowl in a 30-14 game over the Chiefs. This blog now thinks it's going to run through 28 seasons with each different team (hopefully) winning the Super Bowl each year. Should be pretty fun.

Oh, and another thing - this blog realizes there's probably a number of Tecmo players that have better stats than these. Feel free to post those. This blog's stats, on the individual player level, were somewhat stunted by playing less than a full season with each team. And because this blog didn't use Bo Jackson more than 1 game, it didn't have the Bo Factor in full effect.

At any rate, this blog loves hearing about old Tecmo stories, so feel free to "one-up" Pun City on this one.


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