Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Southland Conference Tries on a New-tral Tone

This blog was recently made aware that the Southland Conference will hold their Men's and Women's Basketball Conference Tournament at the Campbell Center in Houston, Texas. This neutral site is a departure from their recent conference tourneys, which were held at campus sites. No one else seems to be reporting on this, so this blog may have its first "exclusive" here. (Yes, the Southland Conference website mentions the location, but it doesn't make a big deal about it).

That got this blog to thinking that, since it was planning its trip for next March, it may as well list the 2007 men's basketball conference tournament sites for all Division I conferences, since that's some moderately useful info. So here you go:

Atlantic Coast Conference: Tampa, Florida. March 8-11

America East Conference: TBA. Most likely will have opening rounds in Vestal, NY March 3-5, with championship at high seed's campus on March 11.

Atlantic 10 Conference: Atlantic City, New Jersey. March 7-10

Atlantic Sun Conference: Johnson City, Tennessee. March 1-3

Big 12 Conference: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. March 8-11

Big East Conference: New York City, New York. March 7-10

Big Sky Conference: High Seeds' Campus Sites for opening round (March 3), then #1 seed's home court for the semifinals and championship (March 6-7)

Big South Conference: TBA. Most likely high seeds' campus sites for opening round (February 27), then #1 seed's home court for semifinals (March 1), then highest remaining seed's home court for the final (March 3)

Big 10 Conference: Chicago, Illinois. March 8-11

Big West Conference: Anaheim, California. March 7-10

Colonial Athletic Association: Richmond, Virginia. March 2-5

Conference USA: Memphis, Tennessee. March 7-10

Horizon League: Opening round at high seeds' campus sites February 27. #1 seed's home court for quarterfinals and semifinals March 2-3. Highest remaining seed's home for final (March 6).

Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference: Raleigh, North Carolina. March 5-10

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference: Bridgeport, Connecticut. March 2-5

Mid-American Conference: Cleveland, Ohio. March 7-10

Mid-Continent Conference: Tulsa, Oklahoma. March 3-6

Missouri Valley Conference: St. Louis, Missouri. March 1-4

Mountain West Conference: Las Vegas, Nevada. March 6-10

Northeast Conference: High seeds' campus sites. March 1, 4, and 7

Ohio Valley Conference: Nashville, Tennessee. March 2-3 (Opening rounds at high seeds' campus sites February 27)

Pacific 10 Conference: Los Angeles, California. March 7-10

Patriot League: High seeds' campus sites. February 28, March 4, and March 9

Southeastern Conference: Atlanta, Georgia. March 8-11

Southern Conference: Charleston, South Carolina. February 28-March 3

Southland Conference: Houston, Texas. March 5-11

Sun Belt Conference: Lafayette, Louisiana. February 28-March 6

Southwestern Athletic Conference: Birmingham, Alabama. March 8-13

Western Athletic Conference: Las Cruces, New Mexico. March 6-10

West Coast Conference: Portland, Oregon. March 1-5

So there you go. America East and Big South need to get on that. Although, when announcements come this late, chances are that they'll be at campus sites simply because those are much easier to book. Now you too can plan a zany conference tournament trip. You can be just like Pun City.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Houston to Lafayette to Birmingham to Atlanta to Charleston to Tampa... sounds like a conference trip to me.

Hot as shit, though.

- Moike

5:22 AM  
Blogger Cooler Brian said...

Not a bad trip there. Opening round, championship, day off, opening round, opening rounds, then the ACC semis and final. The heat wouldn't be too horrible in March, but some major problems would be out there. First off, messing with 6 different conferences for tickets. This isn't even the biggest concern, which would be somehow coming up with both SEC and ACC tickets. Plus the wasted day off in there too. I'll post some ideas I had.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Cooler Brian said...

I was thinking Richmond, Raleigh, then Atlantic City. Another possibility would be Portland and hopefully Big Sky. Beyond that, maybe Vestal and Bridgeport with a side trip to Cooperstown?

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's true, you can avoid the ACC ticket problem and axe off a huge chunk of driving if you omit Tampa from that last and stick to the Carolina area.

- Moike

5:33 AM  

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