Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Three-Decade Players with Three Letters of Help?

There is no implication meant with this post. Other than perhaps that modern major leaguers are extremely well-connected to each other.

Steroids and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) are said to lengthen the amount of time a body can workout. Extrapolated over a long-term period, one could infer that athletic careers could be lengthened when taking these performance-enhancing drugs. Jason Grimsley was recently the subject of an investigation regarding the use and distribution of performance-enhancing drugs. The following list will display how well-connected Grimsley was, by using the sample of active major leaguers that are now in their 3rd decade of baseball.

Practically every major-leaguer in the last 20 years is 2 or fewer players removed from Grimsley, so in this study Pun City has taken a semi-random connection between Grimsley and the 3-decade player, in every case where Grimsley played with the connection before the connection played with the 3-decade player.

Baseball-reference.com was a major source of information regarding this post, so this blog would strongly encourage you to visit and support www.baseball-reference.com.

Sandy Alomar, Jr.

Grimsley and Alomar were teammates on the 1993-1995 Cleveland Indians.

Craig Biggio

Grimsley played with Thomas Howard on the 1993 Indians, Howard played with Biggio on the 1997 Houston Astros.

Barry Bonds

Grimsley played with Jose Mesa on the 1993-1995 Indians, Mesa played with Bonds on the 1998 San Francisco Giants.

Roger Clemens

Grimsley and Clemens were teammates on the 1999-2000 New York Yankees.

Steve Finley

Grimsley played with Don Slaught on the 1996 California Angels, Slaught played with Finley on the 1997 San Diego Padres.

Julio Franco

Grimsley played with Albert Belle on the 1993-1995 Indians, Belle played with Franco on the 1996 Indians.

Tom Glavine

Grimsley played with Steve Bedrosian on the 1989 Philadelphia Phillies, Bedrosian played with Glavine on the 1993-1995 Atlanta Braves.

Tom Gordon

Grimsley played with Kenny Lofton on the 1993-1995 Indians, Lofton played with Gordon on the 2004 New York Yankees.

Ken Griffey, Jr.

Grimsley played with Dennis Martinez on the 1994-1995 Indians, Martinez played with Griffey, Jr. on the 1997 Seattle Mariners.

Greg Maddux

Grimsley played with Terry Mulholland with the 1989-1991 Phillies, Mulholland played with Maddux on the 2000 Braves

Kent Mercker

Grimsley played with Roger McDowell on the 1989-1991 Phillies, McDowell played with Mercker on the 1996 Baltimore Orioles.

Jose Mesa

Grimsley and Mesa were teammates with the 1993-1995 Indians.

Jamie Moyer

Grimsley played with Mike Maddux on the 1989 Phillies, Maddux played with Moyer on the 1996 Boston Red Sox and the 1997 Mariners.

Terry Mulholland

Grimsley and Mulholland were teammates on the 1989-1991 Phillies (and the 2006 Arizona Diamondbacks).

Kenny Rogers

Grimsley played with Roger McDowell on the 1989-1991 Phillies, McDowell played with Rogers on the 1995 Texas Rangers.

Curt Schilling

Grimsley played with Curtis Leskanic on the 2003-2004 Kansas City Royals, Leskanic played with Schilling on the 2004 Boston Red Sox.

Rudy Seanez

Grimsley and Seanez were teammates on the 2004 Kansas City Royals.

Ruben Sierra

Grimsley played with Dickie Thon on the 1989-1990 Philadelphia Phillies, Thon played with Sierra on the 1992 Texas Rangers.

John Smoltz

Grimsley played with Kenny Lofton for the 1993 Indians, Lofton played with Smoltz on the 1997 Atlanta Braves.

Mike Stanton

Grimsley and Stanton were teammates on the 1999-2000 New York Yankees.

Jose Vizcaino

Grimsley and Vizcaino were teammates on the 2000 Yankees.

Omar Vizquel

Grimsley and Vizquel were teammates on the 1994-1995 Indians.

David Wells

Grimsley played with Eddie Murray on the 1994-1995 Indians, Murray played with Wells on the 1996 Orioles.


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