Tuesday, May 23, 2006

University of Tulsa Parking: A Golden Headache

Back to the 6th day of the trip. March 7th. Still in Tulsa, now for the championship. Actually championships, because the women are set to play their championship as well, and this blog had tickets.

First off, this blog figured it should head down to the University of Tulsa to check out its basketball court, as long as it was right there. It would also be a good primer for the next day, since Pun City was going to see Tulsa's conference (Conference USA) next. Tulsa plays at the Donald W. Reynolds Center, which is a very cool building. This blog was pleasantly surprised by the arena, it's really among the top tier of college basketball facilities this site has been to.

The only problem with the TU campus is that one needs a parking permit for everywhere. This blog couldn't even find a stadium lot that didn't require a pass at 11:00 in the morning. Finally this blog found an open spot in front of the campus church (6 blocks away) that didn't require any pass. Stadium was very accessible once this blog walked the mile and a half, was able to walk all around the arena after entering through the ticket entrance. After a self-guided tour, this blog went to the ticket booth, woke up the student employee and asked for directions to the bookstore. Nothing too impressive, but the student union looked pretty cool. Of note was the giant picture of Tulsa's WAC Championship and Elite 8 team with head coach Bill Self from 2000.

Off to the Mid-Con tournament at Union High School for 1 women's championship, 1 men's championship, and a bunch more fun. Pun City will return sometime before next Tuesday to complete the day. Would the eventual Mid-Con Women's champ be led by a very hott sharpshooter? Would this blog catch more free merchandise? Would the Mid-Con Men's champ be a hometown favorite? Find out all this and more on the next edition of the X-Treme Trip Report!


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