Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Swiggity SWAC

Been a little while since this blog just posted on some random stuff, so here goes. First off, crank up your bass for this one, here's the most crunk Conference Tournament website this site has ever witnessed. Makes Pun City want to visit the 2003 SWAC tournament like never before.

If anyone out there has Adobe Reader and would like to know how to run their fancy new 2006 Big South Tournament, check this out. Cheerleaders trying to use amplified microphones (is there any other kind?), host schools providing fewer than 36 drinks for half-time and post-game use, and photographers blocking table signage need not apply.

Moving right along, this blog watched some of Last Comic Standing's premiere tonight, and it really showcased the declining quality of comedy in reality TV. Very challenging to tell which acts were supposed to be horrid and which were judged awesome.

One thing that's always awesome is Nintendo Entertainment System. This blog just grabbed an NES at a flea market this weekend, and couldn't beat Super Mario Brothers on the first 4 attempts. For a 20-year-old video game that uses 2 buttons and a directional pad, that it's any challenge at all is mildly amazing.

Keeping with a fairly random progression, this blog's headed to the Madison Mallards' home opener on Thursday. Some pretty sweet action because the promotions this site's going to reel in include a Schedule Poster, Mallards T-Shirt, Pabst Hat, and Mallards Pint Glass. Should be a pretty awesome haul. Almost as awesome as the day off promises to be.

Pun City's going to return some time before next Tuesday to get another Road Trip post up.


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