Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rejected: All-American Style!

Happy Independence Day to all 4 of this blog's readers, especially President Whitmore, who led us through the alien invasion crisis with such heroism and eloquence.

This blog had a weird 4th of July, one which included Mexican beer and watching BBC America. But it ended up being all good with some RC Cola, Dairy Queen, grilled out burgers, and American Flag wristbands.

There's been a clamoring for some tales from this blog's single life, practically since its inception. This blog always preferred to resist this diversion, primarily because its "single life" is so sparse. But, at any rate, there were a couple interesting instances recently, and this blog figured it would throw its meager readership a bone.

First off, there's a girl that this blog has somewhat been pursuing for a little while, and this blog doesn't come in to contact with her very frequently. (It's somewhat challenging to find excuses to be in the same location as her). At any rate, this blog had discovered that this particular girl doesn't take a lunch, so, if she didn't eat a lunch, we would have something in common (should be self-explanatory in a minute here). After a brief series of small-talk conversations, this blog happened upon the girl in passing. This blog said hi, she responded in kind, and this site asked her if she ate a lunch even though she didn't take a lunch. She said yes, at which point this blog replied, "Oh, well, (this blog) doesn't eat breakfast, so, that's what (this blog) does."

As a result, this blog pretty much wanted to kick itself in the nuts. The girl seemed like it was a weird comment to make and kind of gave the "Um, okay, I'm going to keep walking the opposite direction" response. So this blog thinks its pretty much up a creek without a paddle as far as this blog's chances with her. Not an altogether uncommon problem this blog runs into when trying to communicate with the opposite sex.

Another common problem recently happened again. This example took place while attending Summerfest (10-day long Milwaukee music/food/party festival) and seeing an absolutely stunning girl working a kiosk. Now, normally, this blog would shrug it off, primarily given its success rate with girls and the unlikely chance that anyone could pick up someone in the 30-second encounters that Summerfest provides. However, this girl at the kiosk was probably about 6'3", and this blog doesn't often find a girl that's a) 6'3", b) Not built like a linebacker, c) Not sharing facial features with Gheorghe Muresan, and d) Somehow, completely stunning. Even if this blog gets turned down here, it figured, there's no shame in that. Probably like buying a lottery ticket since the expected value is losing, but the possible payoff could be huge.

So this blog approached the kiosk, and, very fortunately, some dude that wasn't watching where he was going almost plowed over the girl and moved on without looking back. This was extraordinarily hilarious to this blog. This girl probably gets hit on 300 times a day, could easily be a model if she wanted to, is 6'3", and this guy not only somehow isn't taken aback by her, but doesn't even see her coming or going, and in the process completely ignores her, which she surely isn't used to.

So this blog just dies laughing right then and there. The girl laughs as well, but says to this site "Don't laugh!" So this blog then had an opener and started talking to her about how she actually runs into (pun intended) this problem multiple times every day. She also remarked how she's not a fan of people ignoring her while she's pitching the product right in front of them, where she clearly is being heard. This blog offered its support, and she said she'd go to me for support if the situation occurred again.

This blog walked around with a couple friends for a while, then circled back and asked if it had happened again. She said she was alright, and hadn't required additional support. This blog, courteously, offered its number in case she needed this support. While she found this tactic humorous, she brushed it off and asked which show this blog was going to see tonight. It happened to be the All-American Rejects. The girl was also going to that show when her shift ended, so she said maybe we'd run into each other.

To make a long story somewhat less long, this blog did run into the girl at the show, and her boyfriend as well! So a slightly discouraging attempt there, though it would be ridiculous to imagine someone like that being single.

This blog has gotten multiple suggestions/offers/recommendations/demands to get a "makeover," so this blog is going to try and accomodate these requests in the near future, and tentative plans have been made with one of the legions of people offering their services. Seeing as most of this blog's readership knows this blog's style, this blog would like to hear any input on what would be a positive change in wardrobe for this site. This blog is hoping for more hats and t-shirts, that sounds like a good switch. Although, this blog could use another pair of dress shorts as well. Plunk those suggestions down here, as those and any donations will be gladly accepted. (Pun City does not accept PayPal, but it will be your pal if you pay it. Let that be a lesson to you).

Happy ID4, this blog now needs to set its lasers to stunning.


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Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

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