Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Burger King: Took Pun City Long Enough

Burger King is a chain of Fast Food restaurants you may have heard about. They've got over 11,000 locations in several countries. The first of these locations was started in Miami, FL in 1954. As of late, they've been closing underperforming locations left and right. This has been particularly disconcerting for Pun City, since the two closest locations to this blog got shut down. Like many days per year, this blog recently had the chance to visit a Burger King.

Pros: Very good burgers. Started the "Have It Your Way" trend in Fast Food, and are not surprised or phased when such a request is made. Affordable pricing for a Fast Food spot. Good non-diet dark soda options in Coke and Dr. Pepper. Also have bonus of Mello Yello and Sprite, which is a nice light combination if the 2 are used together. Chicken fries are decent, regular fries are very good for a Fast Food locale. Option of onion rings is pretty cool, this blog likes the variety of onion ring BK serves, so as far as this blog is concerned, they've got the best onion rings this blog has seen in fast food. The new Quad Stacker is pretty badass for a burger. This blog likes it without the special sauce, and doesn't mind if the sandwich gets a little mashed in the packaging process.

Cons: Cleanliness. A large number of locations have problems keeping it clean. Sloppy soda dispensers are pretty prevalent, this blog has seen leaky roofs, greasy tables, and slop on the trash can lid at multiple Burger Kings. The location closings have proven to be a major problem for this blog. Though this site works relatively close to a BK, this location is unfortunately the closest location to this blog's home also. That means a 20+ minute drive to the nearest BK, which is not optimal. Primarily because there used to be a location 5 minutes from this blog's home. Dessert offerings are not too great. This blog has tried multiple dessert offerings, and none of them ended up being as good as even like a McDonald's might have. Commercials are pretty consistently good.

Overall Ranking: 7 out of 10 Fryers. Some solid upside here. Could improve the ranking if they had open trash cans so you don't have to push in the greasy/ketchupy/wet swinging door of the trash receptacle. Need a lot more locations back for sure. Service isn't awesome, but it's not horrible so there's upside but it's certainly not a drain on the grade. Maybe offering some decent ice cream or a more American apple pie would help as well. Adding a Cherry Coke would be cool too, but soda is definitely not a weakness for BK. Obviously they could include all-around cleanliness, so if this blog were running a Burger King, that's where Pun City would begin (after moving a location in to Grafton, WI).

Want to see how Burger King stacks up against the competition? Check it out, yo:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The chicken fries are decent, but not as good as the tenders. Another upside of BK is their breakfast. Burger King breakfast is undefeated. You can match up any item to a comparable item from McDonalds and BK blows it out of the water (Cardboard-esque hotcakes vs. French toast sticks, Soggy hash brown blob vs. Crispy hash brown rounds, any dry McDonalds pastry vs. Cini-minis, etc.). BK used to have a vanilla donut on the breakfast menu that was available all the time, so this reader used it as a dessert. It was fantastic, very dense and flavorful.


8:31 AM  
Blogger Cooler Brian said...

This blog has yet to find any fast food breakfast that it can keep down. Luckily, BK has burgers for breakfast, which is the only reason its "breakfast" can be considered "best." All that stuff that was listed: inedible. BK breakfast is blown out by BK lunch or any other lunch, but BK breakfast is ducking those matchups. White Castle dinner's scheduling philosophy is Any Team, Any Time.

11:31 PM  

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