Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fryer Tuck In Culver's City

This website, aside from being a big fan of soda (and perhaps because of this), is a fast-food aficionado. Recently, this website was considering ranking fast-food restaurants for their quality. Probably the best way to do so is review separate places individually, and keep them on a numbered scale. Let this website call this the "Fast-food critic" style. As each spot is reviewed, top-10 lists are sure to be developed.

The first spot this blog is reviewing is Culver's. This is a chain that is based in Wisconsin, but has locations throughout the midwest. The location claims to be famous for their butter burgers, and perhaps it is. This website isn't a huge fan of the butter burgers, the butter is good, but the burgers end up over-fried on the edges. This blog's preference is to get the Chili Cheese dog. It's a pretty solid dog, could maybe use some more chili, but gets the job done.

Pros: The custard at Culver's is pretty good stuff. Among the upper echelon of fast food ice cream/custard. Also, specialty treats within the custard sector are good. The best option is probably the Brownie Fudge Nut Sundae. Butter burgers are alright, if you're looking for a butter burger, it's the best chain restaurant to go to. Chili cheese dog is a good one, and the cheese curds are a great option to go with as a side. Overall, the restaurant has great variety. Fish, chicken, and even Philly Ribeye Sandwiches are available. Portion sizes are very good.

Cons: Unfortunately, lots of cons on this one. The french fries leave a lot to be desired. Probably the worst french fries of any fast food spot this website has attended. Service is very slow. This is somewhat understandable, because the chain doesn't try to go for speed. But a solid 10 minutes should be allowed for each order off the grill, which can affect lunch plans dramatically. Aside from this, prices are fairly high. On the "Value Menu," you're bound to spend at least $5.00, and $6.00 if you want to replace french fries with cheese curds. Pretty easy to go up to 10 bucks if you're looking to get ice cream too.

Overall ranking: 4 of 10 fryers. Probably would be higher if it were more of a traditional fast-food restaurant. As it is, it is either a really cheap sit down place or a very slow, expensive fast-food place. It has its niche, but this blog would prefer that it had more value-oriented items, as opposed to only large portions for large prices.

Burger-only ranking: Judged simply by the tastiness of their burgers as compared to other chains, this blog gives them a 5.5/10 fryers.


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