Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pun-Track Mind

This website's working on a little something. Another hyperlink translation for your learning pleasure. In the meantime, the blog will try to keep you entertained (or wounded) by deploying some emergency puns. The next one is a long one, but it comes from real life and teaches everyone a lesson.

Bob was hanging around Julie, and kept annoying her with bad puns. At one point, Julie went to grab a Mountain Dew just so she could get away from Bob for a few moments. She returned, but the onslaught of Bob's puns continued, to the point where Julie dumped the soda all over Bob. Where Julie had finally reached her boiling point, Bob had reached his Dew point.

Also remember that in a battle of the bands, U2 would have the Edge, and Government Mule would get beaten.


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