Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Getting PO'd

It's about time that this website introduces you all to the greatest band of all-time, PureOxygen. Much like a solar flare, this band had a brilliant parabola, a brilliance too great to last. In case you are trying to think of greater bands than the amazing PO, just stop, because you cannot do it. PureOxygen's dominance was so phenomenal, it had an undefeated record of destroying bands. So fantastic was PO that inferior band Floating Upon Blue was reduced to rubble under the bulldozer-like force created by PureOxygen. Any band that dare pit itself against PO found themselves, as the Record Review's AJ Romens stated, "Awaking to a fire hose of scalding hot coffee pointed down their throats, one that slowly burns you from the inside out."

PureOxygen had it all: guitar, drums, bass, drums, vocals, drums, and intra-band tension that eventually led to PO's demise. Despite this implosion, the world is still left with rawk hits such as Vampire Honeydew, Real Mirage, Via The Laconic, Cherries, and legendary near-instrumental Secret Square Garden. I knew you could!

If you're somehow able to get ahold of some of that bootlegged PureOxygen, this website would highly recommend hermetically sealing it in a safe-deposit safe, because PureOxygen in any form undoubtedly would garner bids in excess of one's wildest dreams. In summary, possession of PureOxygen recordings makes you a better person. So let that be a lesson to you.


Anonymous Allen's Dad said...

Wow, I am blown away that my favorite band was discussed on Puncity. Also, if owning PO recordings makes you a better person, then I must be the better-est person in the whole world. Recently while going through my extensive music collection I stumbled across many demo vesions of PO songs! Anticreonic -the demo version, Real Mirage -demo version! And much, much more!!! And perhaps the greatest find of all... PO... THE LOST ALBUM! That's right, a complete album that was thought to be lost, has now been found. Songs about Johnny Qwest, melotrons, and Retro Appendixes can now once again be enjoyed by all. Look for the PO boxed set soon, as soon as I can transfer tapes to mp3s!

8:34 AM  
Blogger Cooler Brian said...

Whoa. This news is almost as good as when they found Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels.

8:10 PM  

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