Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Said the leather worker of his archer girlfriend: "I made her quiver."

Now that the post has begun with a statement that could only possibly be about archery equipment, it's time to move on to another target-hitting sport. That sport is dodgeball. While it's unfortunate that it took a Ben Stiller movie to shed positive light on the activity, one supposes the end justifies the means.

It is, of course, a long-underrated activity that is a microcosm for life. This site posits that there are few better feelings than throwing an object as hard as one can at a person, then watching them try in vain to catch said object, only to in turn be pummeled by it. This site has heard boxing called the sweet science, but flattening people from 30 feet away with a rubber ball is probably the sweetest science.

Nothing can quite duplicate the high experienced when one of those heaters "accidentally" rises and drills some poor sap (or girl) in the face. This site is in possession of a pretty decent arm, and when its big train fastball comes through, it is advisable to get off the tracks.

This Saturday, this site will be entering a sanctioned dodgeball tournament in Milwaukee. If you happen to have stumbled into this tournament, consider this your fair warning to withdraw.


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