Friday, June 10, 2005

Excellent Line Of The Day

This award goes to Jerri in IT. At the company where this website works, our glass security door shattered in the morning. It had been reattached improperly, and someone tapped it with a cart, triggering the lock mechanism over the floor instead of the frame. Glass shattered everywhere and word travelled quickly throughout the building. Now, any idiot can get into the building just by walking through the gaping entryway instead of having to wave a Mobil Speedpass-like fob by the door sensor. So, this website and it's co-worker were walking in from lunch today and Jerri in IT says "Hey, wait, hold the door for me!" Which earns her the Excellent Line Of The Day Award*.

*Award not to actually be given on a daily basis. More like biennially if you must know.


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