Monday, June 13, 2005


Sam was going to a baseball game, being dropped off by his mom, who didn't have a ticket. Near the stadium, the parking attendants waved his mom through a right turn, then a left, then further down to where a U-turn was necessary. She dropped off Sam, but then was in such a position where only a Y-turn could send her in the right direction. So even though she didn't gain admission, Sam's mom did go through the turnstyles. Hiyo!!


Anonymous Allen's Dad said...

Congratulations. That was quite possibly the stupidest post I have ever seen.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Pureoxygen said...

Yeah, that post was just a wrong turn. Now you should lose a turn and not post for a while. This blog just took a turn for the worse after that stupid post.

8:39 AM  
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