Friday, June 10, 2005


This website apologizes in advance for this post, it's the Matrix Reloaded of this website. A necessary evil to get to the Matrix Revolutions to follow. Caveat: This blog will be unable to live up to this standard; please recognize the preceding statement only as a metaphor. And a way to work Matrices into the blog.

This website is somewhat of a sports fan. And somewhat of a hat and shirt collector. When this website says "somewhat," it means it like "Richard Simmons is somewhat flamboyant." At present, the blog is in possession of 167 t-shirts and 182 hats. By and large, these pieces of apparel are sports-related.

How did this website come in possession of these exact figures, you ask? Glad that you asked. A detailed spreadsheet is kept listing hat-shirt pairings, color details, and brief descriptions. This creates a rotation of clothing that is adhered to almost exactly. Exceptions are only made for live sporting events attended or weather (while a sleeveless shirt is acceptable on a 10-degree day, a sweatshirt is completely unacceptable on an 80-degree day). Another liberty afforded in the order is that only t-shirts and sleeveless shirts are matched with hats, and only hats that can be worn during athletic competition (without diminishing performance) are officially paired.

These exceptions allow for any hat to be worn days when a long-sleeve shirt is up. Hats unable to be worn during athletic competition usually are of the special-occasion only variety. Examples include batting helmets (not wearable during tennis or basketball, the 2 sports primarily played in this site's case), an oversized foam Oakland Athletics hat, and a Wilson golf hat.

At any rate, the goal is for this site to eventually showcase this collection and share the insanity with the world. Or seven poor souls who stumbled upon the site. Thank you for your time, and good day.


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