Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cricket Ups-darts

Two weeks ago, this website and one of its friends played perhaps the greatest game of cricket in history. (Just to clarify, it was this type of cricket, not this type or this type). As anyone who plays darts may know, cricket games usually end up with scores in the 200s or below. There is theoretically potential for the game to go to infinity, though. Most bars prevent this slight possibility by cutting the game off at 30 rounds or thereabouts.

At this particular local establishment, Maxwell's in Cedarburg, no such limit is enforced. Having played a 42-round, 1000+ point round earlier in the month, we wanted to see if this dart board had any limit. Once we found this out, it was merely a battle of iron wills, neither backing down for 2 1/2 hours.

Here are the final statistics on the epic confrontation: 115 rounds, 987 darts thrown, a crowd of 10 drawn, arguably the greatest use of $1.00 in history for a 5171-4554 win for this website's friend. (This website would have preferred going to 10k, but since it was trailing it could not control its destiny).

If anyone is able to find another public dartboard allowing unlimited cricket, this website would be glad to hear about it. It would also like to hear if any cricket game has even approached the score mentioned above. Also feel free to contribute the inevitable waste-of-time comments.


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