Saturday, June 11, 2005

International Music Feed

International Music Feed. It's a TV station. Not many people know this. At present, it is only available on Dish Network and very few regional cable packages. As a Dish Network subscriber, this website knows about IMF. The Feed plays music videos and only music videos. As you may know, this is somewhat rare for a music channel (This blog's talking to you too, Fuse). For good or for awesome, the Feed plays foreign music videos as well. This blog has been treated to such instant classics as Lazyboy's "Facts of Life," Don Johnson Big Band's "One MC, One Delay," Girls Aloud's "Wake Me Up," and Mala Rodriguez's "Jugadoras, Jugadores."

By the way, this site highly recommends visiting the Girls Aloud site, as that is some sweet action.

And now time for a pun: "After having a few too many Old Styles, Michael Jordan's stomach found the true meaning of mad hops."


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