Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wristy Business

At present, this website is in possession of 128 distinct pairs of wristbands. This site had wristbands before wristbands were cool. This site sets the cultural agenda. This site is aware that if it sees a Jamaican elephant eating peanut butter on a TV commercial, it darn well better have a stock of that brand of peanut butter tomorrow. Or be left in the stamped path of wreckage left behind by cool people and their elephants.

But this site also realizes that 128 is neither greater than nor equal to 167. For this reason, its wristbands are not meticulously matched with its hats and shirts. However, wristbands do deserve a rotation, so they are worn in order, albeit only when this site partakes in a competitive sport. Crazy you say? Crazy like a Fox.

Anyway, it's a good idea to drink soda, (especially new varieties), wear cool wristbands, eat fast food, listen to commercials, watch reality TV, and support your oil companies and buy from other large corporations, because they are all cool.


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