Monday, June 20, 2005

Carefully Engineered Pun

Bridge-builders span the globe.

That ruled. This website would also like to let its 3 readers know that it is a website of its word, and there was much carnage as its team won the MUSA Dodgeball competition over the weekend, garnering both a pint glass and a t-shirt courtesy of tourney sponsor The Onion.

After an early hiccup against some Nihilists, this blog's team (Deep Throat Was A Midget) was able to dominate the rest of the competition, sweeping through the next 3 teams without losing a game. While head shots were not allowed, many a helpless dodgeballer fell victim to the Big Train throw, and a trail of wreckage was lain aground in the process.

On another note, the "Soldiering On" post seems to have gotten a positive reaction, so this site will try to do more of these song translations in the future. (Bi-weekly maybe)? And to Allen's Dad - This blog recognizes PureOxygen as the greatest band of all-time, so a hyperlink translation of one of their works is in said works.


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