Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This Post Riddled With Bullets

After doing some research here, this website has found that it is the man now, dog. It has also thought up a good credo: "Good times, Great oldies. 69.6....9 The Narc!"

Ah yes, words to live by.

Pun interlude: After finding out that it was foggy in England, he wanted to know moor.

This website is working on translating PureOxygen's Vampire Honeydew into easy-to-read hyperlinks, so the posts may be somewhat sparse in the near future (much like this website's dating life in the foreseeable future). In spite of this, the blog would like to suggest some points of interest to check out. These are some things one might not otherwise come in contact with, so pay attention.
  • An awesome song that just came out is Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. A fantastic debut album for this rising star includes this catchy hit that gets better everytime you hear it.
  • While this website unfortunately is not in the position to patronize the establishment that Paris Hilton is endorsing, be sure to check out her commercial for Carl's Jr. here. The footage lives up to its "hot" billing.
  • America's most-loved Hollywood couple, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, each have movies in theatres as we speak! The soon-to-be Ms. Cruise is stealing the spotlight in Batman Begins, a thrill-a-minute action movie that this blog has heard keeps one on the edge of yon seat. This website has it on good authority that Tom is reprising his role as a retired Cole Trickle in War of The Worlds, most likely Steven Spielberg's greatest work to date, as he somehow gets better with age.
  • The next big thing in breathing is Air. This astounding gas is free of charge, can conveniently be found just about anywhere, and comes without the annoying purity of straight-up oxygen.
  • As long as this blog is talking about necessities, in the liquid world, Coca-Cola's new test product, Vault, hit the shelves recently in at least six states. It brings much of the flavor from old favorite Surge, so those of you with rushes to feed now have a horse to pommel.

Remember that Julymas is only 33 days away!


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