Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stream of Unconscientiousness

This website is glad it doesn't set a deadline for the hyperlink translations, because those suckers take forever. Yeah, and the post from yesterday, that was this website's bad. This site thinks it lost some globulins or hob-goblins or something. Barnacle? Huh?

Anyway, the blog is alright. Well, as alright as it was previously. Which was not too good. Probably the way to put it is "This website now resumes its usual level of cruddiness."

Not sure if anyone's checked out postsecret.blogspot.com yet, but those dudes and dudettes are psycho. With a capital S. From a website that occasionally will engage in mental regression analysis, that's saying a lot.

Skittering on to the next random topic (this blog hates stream of consciousness, so it apologizes for putting both of you readers through this), is there any scientific reason why the women at the office are constantly cold, while the men (and websites) are always warm? This website's best guess is that the temperature is actually hot, and this website works with some stone cold women. But maybe it's got something to do with less mass being tougher to keep warm. Hopefully the blog can somehow produce that hyperlink translation for tomorrow, and there will be so much metal, four hands will not be able to encompass it.


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