Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Improve Your Badass Body Image

First, some administrationization to tie up some loose ends:

That rag-tag group of has-beens and never-weres ended up dominating the free league this weekend and scoring the most points in the 12-team league. So Pun City was more than pleased with that effort.

Also, Kournikovas I lost a heartbreaker and ended up getting 5 bucks for the "best losing team" prize. If the season ended today, this blog's team would qualify for the playoffs by 0.16 points.

Okey doke. This blog was thinking about the circular saw tattoo that frequent contributor Wells has on his shoulder, and then thought it would be cool to post about some badass Tattoo ideas. Here we go:

This one was obviously inspired by the circular saw. You would have to be pretty badass if a Coping Saw were important enough for you to get it tattoed on your person.

This one would have to be tattoed on your hip. Then you could walk around saying "It's hip to be square."

This one would be extremely badass. The poured glass implies you drink the motor oil, which is especially intimidating.

The badass part about this one is that it would always seem like you were politely bringing up your bright idea. Instead of being a rude asshole about your bright idea, you'd be cool enough to wait your turn before helping everyone out with your novel concept.

Getting Pi to 26 digits as a tat would be super badass. It would be the equivalent of saying "Not even messing with that Latin shit."

This would be pretty cool. You could advertise your yard sale permanently! For added effect, include the words "Multi-Family," or specify items that will be for sale.

The Chorizo Racing Sausage. This would show that you are serious about cheering for the newest member of Miller Park's racing sausages.

This one would show you're an old Mayberry gangsta. It would show you respect law enforcement figures, and it would demand respect.

This idea might have some legs. Or at least be used on some legs. Pun City might have more where these came from. Enjoy, and feel free to send in your submissions showing the tattoos when you get them.


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