Sunday, October 01, 2006

NFL Week 4 and Tecmo Playoffs - Reality Bites

Week 4 in the NFL. Kournikovas are 2-4, facing the 4-2 Pagel's Players in the main league. This blog is trying to avoid starting a QB with no spleen this week in the free league.

12:11 - Almost forgot there were football games today because the Packers play tomorrow night. As a result, this blog is looking to make some last-minute transactions such as getting rid of Chris Simms in the free league. Unfortunately, the Sporting News website won't even load right now, so it looks like this blog's going to have to pick up someone from the late games. (Fortunately, the Buccaneers have a bye week, so this blog doesn't have to worry about Simms getting "locked in" to the lineup).

12:13 - Early games are Jets-Colts and Bills-Vikings. Colts are somewhat entertaining, which is more than can be said about the other 3 teams. This blog predicts Super Tecmo Bowl will take over some of the television time this afternoon.

12:16 - Sporting News still hasn't loaded Kournikovas II's team page yet, and this site clicked on it before it started these posts. It's taking roughly 10 minutes each page load on their crappy site. They are woefully unprepared for the necessary bandwidth needed.

12:21 - Whoop tee doo! This blog was able to trade in a used Chris Simms for a brand new.... Charlie Frye. Yikes. He was the only guy cheap enough that hadn't started his game this week. This blog guesses the guy's going up against the Oakland Raiders, so if you're ever going to have a reason to play a guy, that's it. On a semi-positive note, Kournikovas II is sitting way under the salary cap, so maybe it can be the "New England Patriots" of the free league.

12:29 - Yeah, these games are having a tough time keeping this blog's interest. Minnesota leads 3-0 and the Colts are up 7-0. A fairly cool new Burger King commercial came on, where this blog learned that "Le ethan" is French for creepy. Words to live by.

12:38 - Due to yet another fumble, Frank Gore now has a negative point total. This annoys this blog since Gore was off to a great start after 2 weeks. On CBS, they've got Jets fans shouting "J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets." Is there a more annoying cheer in sports? File it as another reason to hate New Yorkers.

12:48 - Whoa, Tim Dwight's with the Jets? Wayne Chrebet no longer has the "white Jet receiver" market cornered.

12:50 - Jets tie it up, 7-7. This is followed by the first Peyton Manning commercial on during the Colts game. It's the MasterCard one where he's getting laymen's autographs.

12:53 - Back from commercial, they're showing that fireman guy leading the Jets cheer. Don't they tell him to sit down? In this blog's experience, there's virtually nowhere one can sit on another dude's shoulders without getting complaints about blocking someone's view.

12:54 - Jets just successfully converted an onside kick. That's really cool. Interesting gambit, mad propers.

1:30 - These games are total snoozers, as well as at the half. This blog just finished completing the portion of its Tecmo statistics (that it could do without the game on), and will now begin the playoffs with the 49ers.

1:34 - In the first round of the playoffs, a game this blog wasn't controlling, Warren Moon threw for 423 yards in a 42-14 Oilers win over the Dolphins. Mark Clayton's 8 catches for 147 yards were not enough as Dan Marino threw 3 interceptions.

1:37 - Line from the Fox halftime show. Curt Menefee: "Somebody break up the Jets!" Terry Bradshaw, "Well, don't break 'em up, they're doing a great job." Um, yeah Terry. In Tecmo, the Packers squeak past the Cowboys in the first round of the playoffs, 20-19. Sterling Sharpe's 5 catches for 113 yards appears to have been the only bright spot for either team.

1:43 - Did this blog mention that Terry Donahue and Ron Pitts are doing the Vikings-Bills game? Can't get away from those scrubs, even when the Packers aren't playing. Raiders cruise over the Steelers 31-3 in Tecmo. Pittsburgh runs 24 plays and Bubby Brister completes 1 of 6 passes for 43 yards.

1:50 - Warren Moon throws for 399 yards in the 2nd round matchup vs. the Chiefs. Drew Hill has 6 catches for 196 yards. That's pretty solid work, but the computer Oilers almost always get smoked in the AFC title game. They won this game 35-7 though.

2:10 - In real life, DeAngelo Hall, wearing number 21 with the Falcons, runs back an interception for a TD. He then breaks into his mentor, Deion Sanders' dance in the end zone. This was very creative and humerous.

2:17 - The Tecmo 49ers crush the Bears 39-10. Neal Anderson, having rushed for 176 yards in their previous playoff game, is held to 0 yards rushing. Joe Montana throws for 4 TDs (to 4 different receivers) and rushes for another. Keith DeLong and Charles Haley each record safeties. On to the NFC championship vs. the Giants, but first the AFC title game of the Oilers and Raiders.

2:43 - After the Oilers disposed of the Raiders, 24-10, this blog got behind 14-0 to the Giants after 1 quarter. Luckily, the 49ers were able to storm back en route to a 39-21 victory. The problem was Joe Montana got injured in the 3rd quarter. Steve Young did a pretty good job filling in, but this blog is hoping Montana can recover for the Super Bowl. Also a Fantasy update as the Kournikovas are now trailing 15.2-13.7, which is very manageable given that this blog has 2 players going against Pagel's 3.

2:46 - Joe's back! Cool!

2:55 - And he's doing well, Niners lead 23-6 at the half on 3 of his TD passes. The Mighty Bombjack Show entertains the crowd for the "Special Half Time."

3:06 - A rough 2nd half as 3 players get injured (Dexter Carter, Gerald McNeil, and Lorenzo White), but the Tecmo Niners win the war of attrition 44-13 as Joe Montana throws for 319 yards and rushes for 46 more. Warren Moon held in check with only 160 yards passing. Jerry Rice has an awesome 5 catches for 200 yards.

3:09 - Late games just started and this blog trails 19-15. This is good, certainly a deficit that can be overcome.

3:10 - This blog is going to take a snooze before dinner here, as a reward for the Super Tecmo Bowl title. That's titles with the Redskins, Vikings, Lions, and 49ers now, with the Steelers trying to make it 5.


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