Monday, November 06, 2006

Marquette Avoids Stritch Marks

Pun City was able to take in the Marquette-Cardinal Stritch game last night, and fellow Grafton alum Nick Longley was playing for Cardinal Stritch. This is cool because this blog played against him in a rec league last year. (This may or may not have been an NCAA violation).

Also note Lazar Hayward's presence after getting cleared by the NCAA, and his headband.

Walk-ons Craig Kuphall (#45) and Tommy Brice (#42) don't have names on the backs of their jerseys. This is in opposition to the scholarship players such as Hayward in the first shot.
Marquette won 99-70 and led through most of the contest.

The Bucks have banners around the scoreboard instead of in a corner as they previously had hung them. This logo banner is new.
Extreme zoom from this blog's actual seats in the upper deck.
Not much zoom from the seats this blog moved down to on the first level. Attendance was low for the exhibition.


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I couldn't agree more with your comment about the scoreboard banners.

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