Tuesday, October 24, 2006

College Hoops Returns! With a Vengeance!

Busy day, headed to Madison for the Wisconsin Badgers' Red-White Scrimmage. Alando Tucker looked All-American, Brian Butch very good as well. Some photographs:

Above: Marcus Landry sports his new Kareem Abdul-Jabbar goggles as freshman J.P. Gavinski towers over everyone.

Alando Tucker sports his "double socks." Pun City asked him how he came up with it, and he said, "I don't know, it was just something I tried." Two pairs of socks, one significantly longer than the other. Both have Adidas logos on them, so it's a double decker of Logos.

A polar bear on the loose in the Kohl Center. Brian Butch waits for 3-man-weave drills.

Perhaps a bit hard to distinguish, but Greg Stiemsma is sporting a blonde mohawk. Kevin Gullikson and Brian Butch both said that look stays with Stiemsma, Gullikson stating "Nah, I'll just keep it short," and Butch replying "No, I think I'll stay away from that look," after being asked if this was going to become a Badger trend.

Coach Bo Ryan standing near the new $10,000 seats that replaced the old press row. This was a good move, the media doesn't need front row seats.

As you can tell, Pun City has a hugely professional photographer who's never prone to blurriness. Hope you enjoyed the post, this blog will try to provide a more content-oriented post later in the week (or early next week in addition to next Tuesday's post).


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