Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wisconsin Cleans UWGB's Clock, Breaks Their Own

Pun City was able to take in the UWGB vs. Wisconsin game last Wednesday for its 11th college basketball game in 6 days. Among the many stoppages of play for a very foul-plagued game, the game also had a delay in the first half when one shot-clock stopped working. After crews were unable to fix the clock in a timely manner (hiyo!), they resorted to having a worker at the scorer's table hold up placards showing the remaining time on the shot clock in 5-second increments. This blog's photographer is once again subpar, but you can see the card being put down just below the "A" on the floor in the first photo. Among the other few looks they gave us was the shot clock shown below. After a long spell where both clocks were turned off, they put one on but showed Zero for the shot-clock. This was bizarre because the game clock was still counting down. Eventually the game staff got both clocks working, but this was among the longer stretches (and very likely the longest) this blog has ever seen a game go without a shot clock.

Wisconsin did look good though, so this blog is still expecting big things out of the Badgers. A Final Four season would not be out of the question, and this blog would almost expect it with the amount of depth they have.


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