Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The John CBE Thompson Classic Blues Brothers Band Classic Tournaments

Pun City just completed a whirlwind of College-basketball-watching inactivity. This blog was able to spectate at 10 games in 5 days all within a 2-block radius in Milwaukee. From Friday through Sunday, UW-Milwaukee hosted a round-robin tournament including Washington State, Alabama-Birmingham (UAB), and Radford. Blowouts all around as Washington State beat UAB, UWM, and Radford; UAB lost to WSU, then beat Radford and UWM; UWM beat Radford, then lost the final two, and Radford went home empty-handed.

Unfortunately Pun City didn't charge its camera so the only photo documentation of the UWM tournament (the John Thompson Classic) is the first picture.This first photo is the prize Pun City won for anchoring the winning halftime contest relay team. Despite being handicapped with an old dude in khakis and loafers, Pun City was able to motor its sweatpants downcourt with enough alacrity to take out a team of 2 jeans-clad students.
The photo above shows (poorly) Craig Kuphall, now with his name added to the back of his jersey. This blog apologizes for its photographer, Pun City would have fired him long ago if his salary could be beaten.

This is a comparitively pristine photograph of Marquette walk-on Tommy Brice, also having had his nameplate added.Note the back of Maine player Mark Socoby's jersey. No "America East" patch above the numerals.

This is in contrast to teammates Jon Sheets (5) and Junior Bernal (12). If these crystal-clear photos don't illuminate what the "America East" patch is, Pun City can assure you that it's basically this logo against a white background with blue stitching outlining the patch.

Anyway, the Monday-Tuesday tournament this blog saw pitted Maine against Detroit in the opener Monday (at 4:30!). Detroit struggled mightily but did win a close game after Maine had led for around 36 minutes.

Marquette then struggled even mightilier (despite having an absurd disparity in foul calls in their favor), eventually beating Idaho State in overtime.

Maine fell to Idaho State in the Tuesday opener. Marquette then stomped Detroit. Detroit perhaps understandably has not yet posted their story on the 87-45 loss in which Marquette led by 24 at the half.

This blog's opinion of the 8 teams it saw this week:

1. Washington State

2. Marquette

3. Idaho State

4. UAB

5. UWM

6. Detroit

7. Maine

8. Radford

WSU was the only team to dominate in each game they played. Marquette did not live up to its #17 ranking in the Idaho State game. ISU showed great defense and maturity in staying with MU despite the suspect calls. UAB was alternately electric and stagnant on offense, producing mixed results. UWM played as a team only when it was too late and has a long road ahead of them this year. Detroit struggled in each game but has enough athletes to win ugly. Maine makes the most of their talent, but as you might expect at a hockey school, there isn't much to go around. Radford didn't show much heart in any game. If in the end there can be only one Highlander, this blog is guessing it won't come from Radford.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Mark Socoby is so smart, why didn't he have a patch on his jersey?

- Moike

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your room looks like a mess from that picture.

Are you going to send the Maine jersey issue to Uni watch?


10:43 AM  
Blogger Cooler Brian said...

1. Good point, I think that's his Maine problem.

2. I linked on Uni Watch, though my comment did not mention the patch issue. Judging by the 100+ clicks I received, I'm thinking someone might have noticed it anyway though.

Lastly, this blog de-privatized its stats after a few requests from the peanut gallery. These can be found by clicking the cube at the bottom of the page.

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to your site counter, the average visit length to your site is 31 seconds.

What are you gonna do to turn things around?

I think that making the site counter visible is a start. By the time this comment is complete I will probably have spent at least 49 seconds typing. People are just going to come to the site to watch that number grow.

Now here is a blog worth visiting...


Average visit length is 1 minute and 41 seconds.



Oh, and check on the post on that site titled, "The Most Boring Card Ever Made." It's boring...pause...NOT!

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the average site visit would be longer if you had a photo of you stabbing the Anonymous baseball card blogger in the neck.

- Moike

5:11 AM  
Blogger Marketing Sensei said...

Interesting comments from the anonymous crowd. I'm sure the nay-sayers have fantastic sites, both interesting and consuming.

And about basketball, I'm sad to see my alma-mater playing as poorly as they are.

2:42 PM  

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