Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Julius Peppers presents the Top 69 Football/Basketball Combo Schools

Frequent Pun City reader Moike and semi-frequent Pun City reader Chris recently challenged this blog to rank the top combination football-basketball schools from the recent past. Trying to do it as easily and moderately scientifically as possible, this blog took the final AP poll from the last 3 years in football and basketball, and ranked everyone that received a vote. Appearing on all 6 polls was the ultimate goal, with low (i.e. #1) rankings being valued the most.

This blog ranked every school listed in order. Bear in mind a few things:

A) Some of these schools don't offer D-1 Football (or any football). This means they can't get into more than 3 of the polls. For this preliminary ranking, this blog didn't rank the best 3-poll team any higher than the worst 4-poll team. The idea is to have an awesome team to watch from fall through spring.

B) When two schools were very close, appearing in 2 different sports' polls garnered a higher ranking.

C) Especially for the 1-poll teams, this blog used common sense, anecdotal evidence, and generally lazy ranking techniques. But you didn't compile this list, so you're going to have to deal with that.

D) This didn't include the 2006 football season. This blog realizes the season's almost over and blah, blah, blah, but since it's not over and that could significantly skew the results, Pun City used slightly older data. Also, this blog realizes that the AP does their final poll for basketball before March Madness begins, so this isn't the greatest ranking system, but it's consistent and it's the same provider as the football poll that this blog is using.

Here goes:

1. Texas

2. Florida

3. Oklahoma

4. LSU

5. Boston College

6. Connecticut (Yes, their football team received votes twice in this span)

7. Iowa

8. Pittsburgh

9. Utah

10. West Virginia

11. North Carolina State

12. Ohio State

13. Wisconsin

14. Louisville

15. Kansas

16. Texas Tech

17. Nevada

18. Georgia Tech

19. USC (Get a basketball team, losers)

20. Duke (Get a football team, losers)

21. Gonzaga

22. Georgia

23. Illinois

24. North Carolina

25. Miami (FL)

26. Oklahoma State

27. Kentucky

28. Tennessee

29. Auburn

30. Michigan

31. Florida State

32. Washington

33. Syracuse

34. Boise State

35. UCLA

36. Arizona

37. California

38. Michigan State

39. Cincinnati

40. Southern Illinois

41. Virginia

42. Minnesota

43. Pacific

44. UTEP

45. Virginia Tech

46. Villanova

47. Wake Forest

48. Memphis

49. Alabama

50. Maryland

51. TCU

52. Stanford

53. Nebraska

54. Clemson

55. Bowling Green

56. Purdue

57. Navy

58. Fresno State

59. Arkansas

60. Arizona State

61. George Washington

62. Northern Illinois

63. Texas A & M

64. Oregon State

65. Bucknell

66. UAB

67. Charlotte

68. Utah State

69. Winthrop


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post, young blogger. Schools like Texas, Florida, Utah, Pitt, and Iowa appear at the top of the list as predicted. Big-ten bias was shown in our forgetting about powerhouses like Oklahoma and LSU.

Minnesota looks right at home in that 42-spot. Keep reaching for that rainbow, Gophers.

- Moike

5:25 AM  

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