Sunday, October 05, 2008

Brewers to the 2034 Series!

Thanks Brewers. That was awesome. Pun City was at the Brewer game on Saturday, and it was the most fun this blog has ever had at a baseball game. Such a positive atmosphere, so many fans that had suffered through the losing seasons, but not in Cubs-fan fashion where you can't walk three blocks without hearing how miserable it is having to deal with about 6 postseason appearances in the last 26 years. No, fans that had suffered through 0 postseason appearances in the same time span, but national media really only stumbled on that in the last week here. Whoa, the Brewers haven't made the playoffs in 26 years? Wow, huh.

So yeah, it was great to be at the party that was Miller Park on Saturday, and even though they couldn't pull it out today, it was an amazing run, and now there is sure to be clearance Wild Card gear around since retailers overstocked. Another 26 years before the next postseason appearance would be fine with this blog. It was a sweet run.

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