Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blink and you miss this Post

Hey there, early wake up call tomorrow morning (6:00 AM PST), so Pun City will keep this short. The West Coast Conference tournament was sweet, now it's likely that 3 teams will make it in. This blog estimates Gonzaga at a 7 seed, San Diego at a 13, and Saint Mary's at a 10. Should be interesting to see where they all shake down. The reason for the early wakeup tomorrow is because this blog is going to the 8-9 game in the Mountain West Conference in Las Vegas, and is currently stationed in Los Angeles. So...hopefully this blog will have computer access there, but it would seem likely the only PC available will not allow access to Pun City. This blog sends its sincerest apologies. Hopefully a serviceable tournament preview will be able to be posted for you next Tuesday. For now, Pun City predicts a BYU victory in the MWC Tournament over UNLV. Yes, way out on a limb picking the 1 over the 2. Alright, later.

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