Thursday, October 11, 2007

Midnight Madness: Now Served Between 7 and 10

Pun City was visiting New Glarus, WI earlier this week with limited interweb access so as a result there was no post. Sorry for the lack of notice, this blog is sure that in excess of 1 Tuesday night was ruined.

As a result of being gone for so long and not having much prep time, Pun City is going to draw up a short preview of its upcoming weekend, which will be the opening practice for college basketball teams across the country.

On an action-packed Friday night, Pun City plans to drive to Madison for Wisconsin's opening practice. Work ends at 4:30, drive takes roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes. Picking up Pun City's grandma so she can take in the festivities alongside Pun City. Hopefully catching some decent action and a good preview of the season to come. Most likely not getting any autographs since this blog's supply of Wisconsin trading cards has dwindled over the last couple season-ticketless years. In any case, hoping to get a good hour of watching in before taking off.

The goal is to make it back to Milwaukee in time for UW-Milwaukee's opening practice, where players will be introduced at 10:00 PM. Hopefully the drive is only about 1 hour and 30 minutes by that time of night, and also hopefully Pun City is able to meet up with a couple friends that are also hoops fans.

Saturday night, tragically, Pun City's buddy has a bachelor party. This is very poorly timed given that Marquette has their first open practice that day. With the bachelor party starting at 7:30 PM though, Pun City does have an opportunity. Gates open at 6:45 and free shirts are being distributed to all attendees. It's a freakin' sweet shirt, so this blog is going to make a run at it even though this blog is going to have to miss the practice. Then a dead sprint up to Sheboygan to play some laser tag or hit in a batting cage with some friends.

Probably a little more intense than needed, but it's been since April that this blog has had any dose of College Basketball, so it's time to start mainlining it!

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