Monday, November 07, 2005

CSTV: A Completely Sweet Time Viewing

A fairly new TV station to the game is College Sports Television, or CSTV. For this blog, it's especially new, since Dish Network just added it to their Nation's Top 120 package. Since Pun City's a huge fan of college sports, this was good news.

So far, this blog has only watched a few shows on CSTV, but they were exactly what this site looks for in a TV show. The Mountain West Conference Media Slam and Conference USA Media Slam were both fantastic previews of their upcoming basketball seasons. Any time mid-major basketball conferences get 1.5 hours of consecutive coverage, this blog is going to be watching.

Another cool part of the show was that Seth Davis was in the house interviewing all of the coaches. Davis is a decent reporter, this site likes that he's a college basketball specialist, and relatively knowledgeable. Unfortunately, he's another ACC grad (Duke, 1992) that inevitably brings some east-coast bias. This blog supposes that going to an ACC school would automatically make a student a college basketball fanatic, so the disproportionate amount of ACC alumni analyzing college basketball at least makes sense.

Another awesome show CSTV airs is Total Access, where a college team's lives are chronicled. It's always pretty cool to see relatively famous athletes living in either cramped campus housing or cramped and unkempt off-campus housing. Probably the coolest part is that they'll show multiple teams on different campuses, for instance while in Palo Alto, CA for Stanford, they visited the women's volleyball, football, and men's basketball teams. Interestingly enough, the living arrangements were comparable across all sports.

A cool piece of information this blog learned from watching CSTV is that Notre Dame's hockey team has gone back to gold helmets for this year, for the first time since the 1970s. They look pretty slick, and re-establish a unique identity for the team. So check those out if you get the chance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is a cool channel. Total access sounds like a good show, sounds like they have a lot of behind-the-scenes information that fans often wonder about. I'll have to look for those Notre Dame hockey helmets. Would be cool to get to a game there, apparently they have a great organ and organ player that has been there for years.

- Dank

10:21 AM  
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Blogger Cooler Brian said...

In order as always:
1. Had not heard about the organ player, that would be pretty sweet, hopefully they play some of the classics from NHL 93.

2. Seeing as this site has at no point mentioned either Las Vegas or shows, I'm really having a hard time finding relevance to that comment. So keep up the good work.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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- Moike

11:18 AM  
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