Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's a Pun-derful Life

Alright, this blog hasn't been living up to it's name too much recently. So let's roll that beautiful pun monologue.

First off, this blog would like to congratulate The Aviator on its Hughes success.

This blog was up last night watching the Packers play more competently than usual, but John Madden was yelling so much, they needed to put him on the hoarse trailer.

At this point, Madden's talked about Quarterbacks wearing wristbands with plays on them about 144 too many times. You talk about grossly overstating the point.

This site isn't much one for yardwork. The last time it helped move some dirt, it barrow-ly made it.

If a French movie with German subtitles was occupying this blog's cassette player, this site would have to rename it a Vichy-R.

Haha, this blog is historical.


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