Sunday, August 14, 2005

Unlocking The Vault

This website recently had the opportunity to taste Coca-Cola's new demo product, Vault. Vault is billed as a "hybrid" between a soda and an energy drink. Supposedly it "drinks like a soda" and "kicks like an energy drink." It's currently being test marketed in 6 states. The closest one to this blog's state happened to be Michigan. On a recent trip to Michigan, this site decided to give it a try.

At a gas station in Climax, MI, this website picked up 2 20-oz. Vaults for 2 bucks. That's an okay deal for soda, nothing special, but slightly below regular price. This website isn't sure that the Vault's flavor was inconsistent through the bottle, or if this blog's palate just got Vault-saturated as it drank more. In any case, Vault didn't seem to be "locked-in" to a flavor. Initially, the Vault tasted pretty pleasant, almost like a lighter Mello Yello. Later on in the bottle, it tasted slightly different, a little more fruity, and somewhat close to Vault's forerunner, Surge.

The bottom line is that Vault averaged out to a combination of Surge and Mello Yello. At no point in time did it come close to resembling an energy drink. As a bonus, it has a cool looking bottle. This blog wouldn't necessarily recommend Vault, but it's a decent change of pace every once in a while. If you want to look really cool and seem as though you are on the cutting edge of soda consumption, keep some in your fridge for decoration.


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