Monday, August 08, 2005

Return of the MEACKIE

This website can't believe it didn't notice this earlier, but here's some classic stuff. The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference has unveiled a mascot for itself, MEACKIE. As a big fan of mascots, this website thinks this is a pretty awesome idea. This blog also thinks that a giant MEAC logo for a head is a wicked awesome way to go.

The pictures shown on the MEAC website aren't very big, but this blog did notice that MEACKIE's shirt has logos of all 11 member schools. Perhaps this was not the greatest idea, because if this blog was a super fan of a MEAC team, it would see MEACKIE's shirt and want to punch 10 strategic locations on it. At the very least, this blog would want to point to it's team of choice. With all of that punching and poking, whomever ends up wearing the MEACKIE suit might end up garnering hazard pay.

Also of note, despite the MEAC being an 11-school conference, they had MEACKIE designed by a (SEC Member) South Carolina student. Maybe Morgan State suggesting "Nuclear Meactor" didn't meet warm reception, and Florida A & M's "Meaction Jackson" didn't make the cut.

In any case, this introduction raises intriguing possibilities. Could we see a Big Tennie in the future? Perhaps a Wacky WAC mascot? The most natural (hiyo!) conference-mascot tie-in would be Poison Ivy with the Ivy League. This blog is tremendously hopeful more organizations take the MEAC's cue. Outstanding.


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LOL Thanks for the good laugh!

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