Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Secret Underworld of Deck Swabbers Exposed!

This blog has heard some clamoring to hear about its co-workers. This is not especially surprising, because who among you wouldn't want to gaze into the mystical lives of Deck Swabbers and the intriguing lives they lead. This blog always aims to please, so here goes.

This blog cannot say enough about its co-workers. When this blog is working with its co-workers, it gains real-life experience. The chance to work with this blog's co-workers is definitely an opportunity, that's for sure. The group of professionals this site works with are quite a group to work with. Without its co-workers, this blog doesn't know what it would do, or with whom it would do it. The last thing this blog wants to do is think about that. Mainly because this blog has a headache, and thinking in general isn't helping matters.

Both of this blog's readers have to realize that sometimes this blog gets into a tough spot, and sometimes its co-workers do too. The last time time that this blog wasn't at it's job, it was after business hours. Come to think of it, that time is now. The last time this site didn't go to work for an entire day was definitely on a weekend, though. And this blog is not scheduled to work on weekends, so you can imagine what that means. This blog's guess is that the same could be said about its co-workers. But it's possible that they're all working right now. You never know with those co-workers, if you know what this blog means. Damn skippy. That's a lotta dimp.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is weird

- Dank

1:42 PM  
Blogger Cooler Brian said...

Dank, you got what you wanted, now someone else got what they wanted.

10:28 PM  

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