Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Sorry dudes and dudettes, Pun City is going on a little hiatus due to some real world work needing to get done before the end of the year. That's on the real, yo. Ideally this blog will get some mini posts up on occasion, and this blog realizes that a semi-college-basketball blog going on hiatus at this time in the year is really crushing, but duty unfortunately calls.

For tonight, a scene from the US Cellular Arena as UWM took out South Dakota State:

An SDSU player with 4 fouls scored a breakaway dunk, but then slapped the backboard to punctuate the effort.

This act, not surprisingly, resulted in a technical foul, which doubled as his 5th personal. After UWM's Paige Paulsen made the first free throw, the PA announcer relayed the information: "That's the fifth personal for (the player)" (HORN)

This was followed up by a lone voice in the UWM student section yelling out "Dipshit!"

Pun City thought that was a good summary of the undisciplined move. Happy Thanksgiving.

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