Tuesday, March 14, 2006

You'll be Floored by these Views

This blog is a little road weary after the big vacation, then staying up until the wee hours making its bracket last night, so it's taking the easy way out by showing pictures from the road trip.

All photos are taken from the seat this blog had for each tournament. Top is Conference USA in Memphis; second one is Mid-Continent Conference in Tulsa; third is Big Ten in Indianapolis (with big zoom-in needed); and the bottom photo is the Missouri Valley Conference in St. Louis. Also of note is the video here (click on the Play button under the video in the upper right-hand corner). This blog is shown during the last 2 seconds of the clip after the camera shows the x-treme close-up of Kristi Yamaoka. PunCity was standing in the 2nd row, wearing a white Salukis jersey with a white SIU hat, and this clip was replayed many times on CBS and ESPN's SportsCenter, so it's good to see that Kristi's doing well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think reaching the end of your in-person basketball season warrents a complete list of every team you've seen this year.

- Moike

6:32 AM  

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