Friday, March 05, 2010


Pun City is back from the dead. Chances are, not too long, and also not too prolific, but this blog is going on another trip, so Pun City may as well spread the word.

Among the high points of the trip:

Leaving Wisconsin on Tuesday, toward Kansas City. Stops along the way at Northern Iowa, Iowa State, and Drake. Destination Kansas City for the Big XII tournament. Number of tickets in hand? Zero! We'll try the scalping option. In this economy, Pun City thinks it can do alright. StubHub seems to have the cheapest option for all games at $415, and Pun City is convinced the street can do better than that. Should be interesting to find out anyway.

This blog is staying at another budget hotel. Will it be good, bad, or otherwise? Conference Tournament hotels have run the gamut in the past. Could be an interesting plot line.

Lots of good potential side trips, not as much non-game time to do these in. Options include: visiting Kansas State, Kansas University, UMKC, the Negro Leagues Museum, Arrowhead Stadium, some good mall options, and Arthur Bryant's, apparently one of the best rib places in the world. How many of these can Pun City take in?

Definite side trip to Kauffman Stadium. That should be great. As far as Pun City knows, it's going on a virtually private tour. Then again, this information is as of about a month ago, so it's easily possible that time slot filled up.

A new good camera. That will be nice. Not having to turn the thing off every 5 seconds of picture taking will be a bonus. This blog might actually get a few good photos to post as a result.

Sonic Drive-In. Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri are absolutely in Sonic territory, so this blog is looking forward to hitting Sonic for a couple meals at least. So awesome. Hopefully some other nice fast food options are around too.

Nightmarish Kansas City parking. Pun City has heard word of a lousy downtown parking situation in K.C. Hopefully there will be some nice options (or at least nice stories to relay) regarding the parking scene.

All this, not to mention a conference with about 7 solid NCAA tournament teams duking it out. Pun City thinks this will be an interesting trip. Go Milwaukee Panthers tomorrow, hopefully they can knock Butler out and get the Horizon League two teams in the tournament.

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