Monday, May 26, 2008

Rough, Perhaps Not as Rough as the Wonder Boys Though

Xtreme Negligence again. Congratulations to frequent commenter Moike on his marriage. Really no time for a full-fledged blog today, but a good quote from an article this blog found:

"The wild game featured five technical fouls – four by ATU and one by UMKC. The Wonder Boys’ head coach Mark Downey was ejected in the first half and was given a third technical (during UMKC’s 20-0 run) for sneaking back into the arena."

Courtesy of Full article here.

Also, after some research, Pun City discovered that most games played at Madison Square Garden do not have online "Play-By-Play" accounts. A spokesman from St. John's University's athletic department claimed this was for two reasons.

One was that all workers at MSG must be from the labor union. This means that all host schools and conferences must use an MSG worker for the official scoring. The spokesman also claimed that the machine used to tabulate statistics at MSG was not programmed to produce a play-by-play account of the game, and that no such account exists.

This was proven incorrect when Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Todd Rosiak was able to provide this blog with a faxed copy of the play-by-play from Marquette's game vs. St. John's at MSG.

Pun City's interpretation is that MSG does have a system programmed to allow for a print version of the Play-By-Play, but this format does not easily convert to HTML.

Hopefully a full-fledged post or two coming up soon. Later dudes and dudettes.

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