Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lockwoodn't You Know: Pun City Interviews An Up-And-Coming Director

With Summer blockbuster season upon us, Pun City decided it'd be cool to post an interview with one of this summer's up-and-coming directors. You may remember Kyle Lockwood from such English projects as "Wild Wild Midwest" and... well, probably just that, if that. For those of you that weren't watching, this is the story of Jack Daniels fighting vampire desperados. But Kyle's back at it again later this summer (probably) with "Wild Wild Midwest II: The Legend Continues."

Pun City: How's production of Wild Wild Midwest II: The Legend Continues going?

Kyle Lockwood: Almost done with the script.

Pun City: Cool, cool.

Kyle Lockwood: I should be done with that by this weekend. Then I got to build one of the sets and get everyone's costumes together.

Pun City: Sounds ambitious, but cool. Is the vampire still in?

Kyle Lockwood: Vampire/demon...I don't think it matters what it is called.

Pun City: As long as it's nocturnal.

Kyle Lockwood: No.

Pun City: Hahahahaha.

Kyle Lockwood: I refuse to shoot at night, way too much work.

Pun City: So, the characters are just going to talk about what happened at night the next day?

Kyle Lockwood: Nothing is going to happen at night, everyone goes to sleep at sundown.

Pun City: But the nocturnal demon is going to be up though, he seems like he's pretty important.

Kyle Lockwood: Black vampires are allergic to the moon.

Pun City: Hahahaha, how are any of them around anymore then?

Kyle Lockwood: They hide from the moon.

Pun City: But the moon's out like 75% of the time, and they only go out at night, so they're extremely limited it would seem.

Kyle Lockwood: No, black vampires are dayturnal! They only come out when the moon isn't (out).

Pun City: Hmm, well then all of the main characters would be able to really attack him at night.

Kyle Lockwood: Well... they would have to find out where he sleeps.

Pun City: So the movie's going to focus on their quest to find where he sleeps, that's cool.

Kyle Lockwood: No, you're being difficult.

Pun City: This blog isn't sure it follows.

Kyle Lockwood: The movie is Jack Daniels versus evil demon trying to destroy the world (only during the daytime).

Pun City: That seems like a pretty poor idea, this blog means, if someone's trying to destroy the world, wouldn't they take advantage of the night also?

Kyle Lockwood: The demon isn't very smart....the ritual can only be performed at noon.

Pun City: Oh man, are you going to have the demon take an intelligence test to establish he isn't too bright?

Kyle Lockwood: Look...the time of day is irrelevant to the story.

Pun City: Oh, so you'll just film it some during the day, some at night then.

Kyle Lockwood: No... I'm going to film it when it is convenient for me and the cast to film. As long as there is enough natural light to see everything. If it would make you happy I can simulate the passage of time between one day and the next.

Pun City: So like, night vision cameras?

Kyle Lockwood: Night vision is kind of lame I think.

Pun City: This blog doesn't know, Pun City means, this blog saw this one video...

Kyle Lockwood: The whole movie takes place over the course of two days, so I will have a time lapse shot of the passage of time from one day to the you can be happy.

Pun City: Hmm. Can you get Night Ranger to perform in the soundtrack?

Kyle Lockwood: Who is that?

Pun City: It's an '80s band, they sing "Motorin'"

Kyle Lockwood: Never heard of it. The sound track is pretty much the last thing.

Pun City: Are you going to include songs that were performed at night?

Kyle Lockwood: Nope.

Pun City: Man, you're just trying to silence night.

Kyle Lockwood: I think the intro to the movie is going to be a Pink Floyd song.

Pun City: This blog thinks Pink Floyd generally performed at night.

Kyle Lockwood: Doesn't matter when they performed...

Pun City: Well you just said you weren't going to include songs that were performed at night.

Kyle Lockwood: I'm the director, and I can do what I want.

Pun City: Well of course, but it's just kind of confusing with the switching of opinions there.

Kyle Lockwood: Doesn't matter if you're confused...

Pun City: This blog doesn't follow.

Kyle Lockwood: Good.

Pun City: Cool, now everyone's happy!

Kyle Lockwood: Good deal.

There you have it folks. "Wild, Wild Midwest II: The Legend Continues" will probably be out on YouTube some time later this summer. Pun City will be sure to keep you posted on any developments.

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